[API] Forecast Rain Amount

Please add a forecast rain amount to the daily forecasts in addition to the % chance of rain. It would be helpful for planning irrigation or just generally having an idea how planned activities could be impacted. This was a very useful feature in Dark Sky and I miss it in the Tempest App.

I think a forecast for the amount could not be possible very precise as rain often is a quite local event.
So ther might be only some rough ranges of ammount.

One step back… when rain is rain? O.K. Each falling water to the ground is a possible definition. But is a single drop a rain event ?

Nowadays there are plenty of forecasts available that do show the total amount of rain, so it should be possible.

I think a single drop could be enough for the unit to detect and report rain. That would count as a rain event… computer wise. Human wise I wouldn’t call that rain but how many drops do you want? That would get very subjective.


Does anyone knows a commmon metrological definition ?
I remember here had been some discussion on the rain probability percentage.
And here is the related question, at how much participation thoses probabilities are counted as 100% rain event.
As I understand the probability is to read as : In that percentage of similar weather situations there was rain. Hence the forecast suggests rain at these probability.

I’m a bit confused. In the forecast there are our could be two things with probabilities. One is the chance that during a certain period of time it will rain (the amount doesn’t matter) and the other is a prediction of the amount as rain (in ml or inch) that will fall during a period of time.
A rain event happening in my perspective is just the same as saying it rains. So the first of these two could have been defined as the chance that during a period of time a rain event will happen.