API Enhancement Requests: State Desired Time Interval and Include Rain Duration

Hello - I appreciate that Tempest offers an API. After putting it to work, two enhancement requests come to mind that I think others may also find useful:

Requesting Desired Time Interval
From playing with the API, it appears the date range of the request controls the granularity of the time interval in the response. For example, a 30 day range results in 30 minute interval reporting. A larger range, results in 180 minute interval reporting.

Would you consider allowing the requestor to state their desired interval range in the query parameters? Of course only selecting from a list of valid values - and if not provided, use default behavior?

Understandably, this might also require pagination of the response.

If that can’t be supported, it would be nice if the documentation included details on these breakpoints.

Including Rain Duration
Rain duration is a cool feature of the Tempest relative to some other weather stations and ideally this value would be available via the API as well. With both rain duration and accumulated rain, derived intensity would be possible at smaller intervals.

Thank you for considering.

Hi mxstrand and welcome,
I am not trying to negate your request. While you are waiting for Weatherflow to make changes I just thought I would mention that if you loop 24hr periods to fill your required period then you get the one minute values including rain intensity.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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This post will be of interest to you: REST API: my wishlist to Santa Claus - #7 by dsj. Although undocumented, I’ve never seen the API fail with a bucket parameter specified