Any way to message fellow owners?

I found a fellow weather nerd living just a few miles from me. I wanted to message them. Is there anyway to message them based on there station id?

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No, there is no way a user can contact another user. You can try to search the forum with the station number, with some luck you can find him here though we are far to see each user on the forum.

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That would be a nice feature. The data is available and the code would be ease to write. Send a message to the StationID with your information and it’s up to the Station owner if he wants to reply.


Hmmm. Perhaps mistakenly, I assumed that someone who knows my station ID (Tempest) and looks at it on the map will see exactly where my Tempest is located and I’m just crossing my fingers that nobody hops our fence and takes it. Or is there some sort of fuzzing of its location?

If no fuzzing, could @idaband drop the other station owner a postcard (we remember those things, yes? :wink: ) to the address on the map to say hello and provide contact info?

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the privacy concern was already discussed long time ago but seems the definition isn’t clear enough

Screenshot 2020-07-18 at 14.46.30

I edited out the gps coordinates btw :wink:


In this day there is no privacy. The Internet has created the ability for anyone to search for almost everything. And once published it’s out there, somewhere, forever.

Even if the map shows your station at a different location, all one has to do is drive around and look for some strange white object on a pole.

And don’t forget, property records are public. One can lookup addresses and find the name of the property owner.

Thanks @eric for the clarification. I assumed you couldn’t, but didn’t know if there was a blind messaging system.

I actually did first try searching the forum. I didn’t see a way to search by profile text. I was hoping they had their station ID in their profile.