Any HomeAssistant integrators here?

I have 2 Air units, however HomeAssistant only displays information about one of them. Is there a way to get both to show in HA Entities? (I have tried r/HomeAssistant on Reddit with no response)


I’m using HACS in home assistant to show my Tempest data. The plugin I use is : WeatherFlow Smart Weather Component for Home Assistant but i’m not sure if it can show more than one station. You can try to edit the configuation.yaml file and see if it takes 2 entries.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

If you want to self-host, you could grab the UDP broadcasts and send them to MQTT (which HA can easily read)

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That’s what I do, and cherry pick the various values from the various devices (lightning on one unit, temp and humidity from another, for example). Although in the middle of a re-write and re-configure right now, so nothing works at all - progress I think it is called!

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