Android graph shifts data when rotated to landscape

Normally I have my gui in portrait mode. I wanted to make a snapshot of my battery level going up (non-solar) for the last couple of weeks (due to rising temperatures and a sudden drop in voltage before, due to accidentally turning off power save) . It didn’t zoom out as far as I wanted, so I instinctively rotated my screen (that didn’t help), but what I did notice is that the rotated screen didn’t show the same period. It started in 2017, instead of march 2020. that is an unexpected ‘feature’

Hello Sunny

indeed surprising. For the record can you please share tel type (Android at first sight) and what version of Android + WeatherFlow app.

Also is this case reproduce-able at will on your phone ?

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I can confirm that I see the same behaviour on my OnePlus 7 running Android 10 and version 3.41(72) of the WeatherFlow app.

In portrait mode showing the last few days of March

When rotated to landscape mode it starts showing some days in December (incidentally when my station was offline)

This appears to be a “feature” at any zoom level. Rotating from portrait to landscape jumps the view about 10 fast swipes earlier in time. When at the most zoomed out level this turns out to be a long period of time.

In the Dev world… that’s not a Bug, but rather an Undocumented Feature.


This isn’t the case on iOS … or at least I could not make it happen :wink:

I can’t duplicate this issue either on my Android phone running version 10 of Android and version 3.41(72) of the Tempest mobile app. FYI My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10e

Confirmed with Eric. Does it on a Samsung tablet, but not on my iOS. (Love my Apples :slight_smile:

Just a little note to tell you all that the issue has been added to the bug list and will be solved as soon as possible.