Android App (v1.70 (33) - Lightning count resetting after each strike

2 days ago we had a very large storm in Brisbane (apparently 265,000 lightning strikes recorded by the BOM). I was watching the strike count climb on the App, and then a strange thing happened. After a brief blackout (about 30-60 seconds), the app seemed to have lost its count, and was only reporting each individual strike at a time. I thought the blackout may have caused it to reset, but it then was resetting after each strike. It would briefly show LAST 3 HRS “1”, and then would show “—” until the next strike, and then would go back to the resting —. I don’t have a screenshot of this.

I do know that the back end of the count continued to maintain the overall number of strikes, it just wasn’t showing it on the landing screen. I think the blackout happened somewhere in the 500 - 600 range, but towards the end of the storm I pressed the top right icon (don’t know what you refer to it as, but the one that brings up the full stats), and in the top section (Current Conditions) it showed the count for the last 3 Hrs as 752, but the Home Air section showed the Lightning Strike Count at 0, even though lightning was still occurring.


That count is for the previous 60 seconds. There are other counts for longer time periods via REST.

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I don’t know anything about programming, so not sure what to do with that??

The image was more to show that the count continued (in the top section), but the main screen on my app kept showing 0 or — in the Past 3 Hrs count.

Thanks for the report. There is definitely bug in the Android app. The lightning “card” (“card view” is the main screen with the larger, more graphical data display) shows the “time ago” of the last strike as well as the estimated distance of that single strike. It also shows the “last three hour count” on the far right. Normally this data comes from the back end (internet) but it can also come directly from the hub if you are in Bluetooth range.

The bug occurs when connected to the hub via Bluetooth and lighting events come in - the app will show the latest strike and update the “last 3 hours” count. But sometimes it will seem to “reset” or show “—” (null). We’re working on this bug!

The bug is not present in the Current Conditions shown in the “list view” (what you called the “full stats” page) because the list view only displays what is received from the back end (internet) and does not update with “live” data over the local Bluetooth connection.

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Thanks for the explanation.

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