Android app, two hubs, doesn't see new SKY, only devices on "other" hub

I have two hubs sitting next to each other, each paired with its own SKY and AIR. I was adding a second SKY to one of the hubs and wasn’t able to get see the new SKY. Each time I tried to add a SKY the app would “spin” for a while and then either display a SKY and AIR from the other hub or it would display just the SKY or just the AIR from the other hub. I didn’t want to mess anything up so I didn’t try to pair with them. I ended up unplugging the one hub and then was able to pair the new SKY just fine. Unfortunately I didn’t go grab my iPad to see if this was an app issue or something else.

I was using a Samsung Galaxy S8+, Android 8.0, app v2.18(51), hub FW 98.

That is correct. This is a known issue.


Here is more on the issue.

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Thank you @GaryFunk. My search didn’t turn that up. I my biggest surprise was that the already connected SKY and AIR on the second hub showed up as available to pair.

Thanks for the assist @GaryFunk .
Glad you’re all set now, @gizmoev - seeing two SKYs now on station 5075 :+1: