Android App Rain Field confusing

On my phone the Tempest App says :
Rain Accumulation Today 0.7 (and the old manual gauge shows 1.2mm)
Rain Duration Today 43

But when I click on the Tempest icon (Top Right) it says NONE …it also says Today 0.7mm

If I tap on the “None” a window opens showing the rainfall graph

Surely “NONE” is incorrect - and yes, rain was falling at the time.

the 0.7mm is consistent (although it didn’t match your manual gauge)
“none” means that at that very instance the tempest isn’t detecting rain. It can happen with very very light rain.
You can improve on the accuracy by using this page (but it takes a lot of data before you will see improvements) Rain Report Accumulation Data

Wrong time of year for “a lot of rain data” over here…!! (90.3mm Year to date)
Although the next few months hopefully that will change…
Many thanks I do have the Rain Check enabled, will investigate Rain Report Accumulation Data