Android App pressure not displaying station pressure but local sea level pressure

App release Android v.16 Android 6.0.1 on Samsung Galaxy Note 4
Hi, I am new here and maybe speaking out of turn but I have noticed that the app on the phone displays the local seal level pressure in the display and not the local pressure of the station, is that the intent? My display shows the pressure of 1019.1mb, however looking at the current conditions the local station pressure is 1015.2mb which is the adjusted figure, should that not be the figure on the display on the phone app and not the local sea level pressure. Given the variance of sea level pressure to local conditions I find it odd that the app tells me something that is not as noted from the station.
If I am way off the mark, I apologise for wasting people’s time, and thanks for a great unit.

Did you set the elevation of your station and of each device, Sky and Air?

Gary, Hi, yes I did, which is why I am seeing the difference. Clearly the app shows sea level pressure, and I’ll have to remember to subtract the difference for the altitude when I read the app. And of course make sure I adjust it according in in the TP app to ensure I read the correct pressure for the station.

Yes, the applications show Sea Level pressure so every station has that in common.

Gary, thanks for that, at least it’s workable with TP apps. Appreciate you getting back on this.
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