Android app issues

Current app version v4.12(105)

Pixel 2 XL

Build number QQ3A.200705.002

Still definitely issues with the app

2 things perhaps related

Note at the top right of each card in attachment “3 hours ago”

At times I am unable to get this to refresh either by swiping down (not sure if that’s a thing in this app) or by closing the app and restarting or even by restarting my phone.

The largest time I have seen here is just over 2 days

Even if there is no text on the top right of the tiles (hopefully this means the data is current)

The data on the tile screen is unreliable.

If I tap on an individual card for the detailed graph the data in the graph appears accurate but can be very different from the summary page

Sometimes this causes the card to refresh with the current data.

Also noticing that the text in the bottom right of a given card IE gusting for wind will be blank, same for rain today and yesterday and the pressure trends

The battery tile routinely reads 0, but again the graphs appear to work.

The website appears to have an accurate copy of the data and reliably shows it.