Android app doesn't upload data with Bluetooth to cellular connection (corrected in v2.18)

The Android App v2.16(49) doesn’t upload data to the WF servers when connected to the hub with Bluetooth the internet with cellular data. This was tested with a Samsung Galaxy Tab E running Android 7.1.1 and a Samsung Galaxy S8+ running Android 8.0.0. Bluetooth upload works with an Apple iPad Mini 2 on iOS, though it is quite slow (one time / minute?). @dsj, is this still on the roadmap to be fixed in a future update?

I finally just setup the hotspot on my iPad and updated the hub accordingly.


It works in 2.18 on Google Play.

Are you on a beta? I still only see 2.16 in the store with an 8/31/18 date. It doesn’t matter whether I check with my phone or via a web browser.

it doesn’t show I’m a beta tester as other applications.



I have the same version as @gizmoev with Android App v2.16(49) on my Google Pixel C tablet and Google Pixel 2XL phone. I only see last updated on August 31, 2018 via Google Play Store on both devices.

Then I guess this may be a beta and I have no way to know that it is. Either case, the issue seems to be fixed.

Gary, I keep thinking last month I got an update for v2.18 but after the update fully installed it still showed v2.16(49) within the app and from the application list. Strange nonetheless.Screenshot_20181122-224623 Screenshot_20181122-225014

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I have searched the forum and I found no mention of Android 2.18 being released as a beta. In fact the only message I find is a bug report by myself.

Gary, as a Field Tester you get the beta builds automagically. And Android v 2.18 is solid and has been in beta long enough - we’ll be pushing that live soon! This should correct the issue reported by @gizmoev among a few other small issues.


Just received the v2.18 update in the Google Play Store.