Android App 3.01 (58) - Sky Entries Not Posting History

I just bought a WeatherFlow Smart Weather Station, and I’m wondering if any other Android phone users are experiencing the same problems I am with App 3.01 (58): 1. On the main screen of the app, I can only get it to show either Air or Sky data on a page. I have to toggle back and forth to see data from each. 2. Although the 3.01 app shows history data for the Air device if I tap on any of the items, the Sky device entries do not show data. If I tap on any of them, I see a message that says (No data at this zoom level. Try zooming in or out". Tapping plus or minus to this prompt doesn’t show any data. Also, I notice that if I tap the icon at the upper right to show detailed data, there is nothing. I believe this is an Android app issue. My wife owns an iPhone, and after I downloaded the Apple app and linked it to my account, her app shows both Air and Sky data on the same screen, and here Sky entries show historical data for any entry that is tapped. Is anyone else experiencing these issues with the Android 3.01 app? If these are know deficiencies and are being worked on, is there an expected data for resolution? My phone is a Samsung SM-G892A

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