Android always-on tablet and rain check icon

I was up an an ungodly hour this morning making my hourly trip to the weather observer’s lounge, and noticed for the first time that the rain check icon on the precipitation card on my wall-mounted tablet was not cleared at midnight when the daily rainfall was rolled over to the “yesterday” field. The web app showed it correctly with no RC icon, and the Android app did drop the RC icon when I restarted it. Version 3.20 (65) on the tablet, in case it matters.

Probably only an issue with always-on app usage, but figured that it was worth reporting…

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I wonder if it is related to the History tab showing what appears to be some of the data from the prior day? Note that in the screen capture below that it is only 5 min after midnight and yet it shows 72 minutes of rain. (v3.25(65))

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Thanks for the report. We’ll have a look. Could be the app, or could be the back-end. Or both!