An interesting delema

So, besides climbing up on the roof in a snow/ice storm any ideas?

I’m thinking I’m just going to have to wait for it to melt naturally.

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I just let it melt on its own.

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That is a issue and not much can be done.

Super Soaker filled with windshield antifreeze!!!


ask the US military to come along with their unused ADS system a.k.a. heat gun.

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I would be concerned with what it would do to the “secret sauce” coating in the wind slot.

My $0.02 is to let it melt, or maybe find a kid in your neighborhood with a quadcopter to do a few flights over the cap to see if the snow will blow off from the prop wash…

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I just let it melt naturally. One sunny day here in Illinois and half will be gone from this weekends snow storm. But I have a bigger issue sometimes where birds use it for target practice.

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did you consider using this Bird Deterrent Accessory – WeatherFlow ?

They don’t attempt to land on it…they deposit something else on the top of it and then I have to climb up and clean it off. Had to do that 4 times last year in the fall. My neighbors tree houses a huge flock of birds as they are migrating and they carpet bomb the area.


@ vreihen

Not a bad idea at all. I would add, boil some water and put in a turkey baster (or suitible sub) for lack of a better term, attach to a quad copter and hover above and allow the hot water to drip on the top of the snow cone :slight_smile:

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