Always show day and date on scrolling & zoomable charts

Pls display Date and Day of the earliest (oldest, left side of chart) data on any graph screen, at any zoom level.
Then as I continue to flick back in history, when left side of the graph crosses midnight - the previous day/date should be displayed at bottom, remains there as I continue to flick back in history, until the previous midnight rolls thru my screen-left., etc. Likewise scrolling forward to Now.

“at bottom” - I’m thinking the blank space left of Avg l-Gust-Lull legend.

My use case is to eyeball micro wind fluctuation, comparing today with previous days, watching for trends which can tell me today may be good for paragliding with reference to similar micro history say 3 days ago when I was paragliding. Present lack of day and date leaves me uncertain where I am as I flick back in history.

I see similar utility when watching rain and lightning trends. Really all of the charts…