Alternative Weatherflow Station Map

Hello I have been working on this for a few days and slowly made some progress however still need to polish off the appearance . Hopefully in the near future i will add to the template I produce.

Lets be very very clear no stations will be added unless consent is given and requested to be displayed it does not automate or automatically add stations it is purely or will be based on request so no request no display and if you wish to at any stage require no precipitation (i did not write precipitation !!! i wrote participation, forum typing drives me nuts) then a just a simple email request and honoured in a timely manner. the option of requesting or no further participation will be available via a simple option menu .

the map location icon will display temperature and will update based on a crude page refresh method every ten minutes and additional data can be viewed on clicking the icon. it not possible or sustainable to have the icon update at smaller intervals due to server capabilities and refreshing data at regular seconds intervals would just prompt any host to shut you down due to excessive resource usage.

clicking on the icon will have temperature,humidity,wind data,pressure and additional rainfall and UV/Solar if i can make it all fit nicely.

so hopefully it will be of use if not nothing gained nothing lost just a few hours of coding per day.

screenshot shows my station and mehmets who resides across the city from me , please note its a work in progress and I am happy to try and implement any ideas if feasible and manageable.


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I like this idea! A WeatherUnderground style map is a great contribution to the WeatherFlow community.

A couple of ideas from me would be:

  • Allow the display units to be changed on the map location icon, so Celsius or Fahrenheit can be displayed based on user preference.

  • Allow the variable shown on the map location icon to be changed so users can see the spatial variability in temperature/pressure/rainfall etc.

Keep up the good work!

point 1 absolutely will be user switchable

point 2 not sure i quite understand but im going to stick with just temperatures if understand what your saying as the space is limited in terms of icon size .

but i may i have misunderstood so if you have anything visual might give me a better understanding

Here’s an example of what I mean. In the first picture the icons on the Weather Underground Wundermap are showing temperature and wind speed:


In the second picture I have toggled a setting, and now the icons are showing precipitation:


Definitely agree that you shouldn’t be showing more than one variable at a time. The icons will be too busy with information.

ok i see what you mean but no ,putting all that code together may be beyond me and my resources available, but i see what you would like it is certainly more flexible for the end user but ill keep it simple for now and easy to manage and sustainable but perhaps others may be encouraged to do something along those those( ps i didnt type that twice ) lines .

Understandable! I’m not sure my coding skills would be able to write such a code either. I’m looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

Hopefully you dont block ip numbers from The Netherlands :wink:

ron i will explain later but in short its only available to template users and your ip address doesnt come into it as its not using my server resources . i go into more detail when ive finished almost . but its end user customizeable i.e yourself via the easyweathersetup screen :grin:

Oke great :+1: must use 20 chars

hello Ron sorry i will try explain better having just had my evening stroll along the water front…

So lets firstly apologise for the inconvenience to you , its not personal and I have explained before to you , but in short an ip address within the same range of yours was hammering my personal website every 5 seconds scraping the mbrealtime.txt file my host was concerned at the excessive cpu usage and I dont even access my own website every 5 seconds and certainly dont use any intervals below 10 seconds.anyway i had no option but to block the range and password secure the site and folder … it was my host that pinpointed the ip address range that was excessively using the file. so please dont take it personally its just unfortunate.

as for the map it will work alongside the template using the lat lon settings in the easyweathersetup screen this
will automatically center the map on your location settings also you can set the default zoom so it only displays a certain area not the whole world if required.

it will be more geared to your own personal preferences and allow you to make quick comparisons in your region or local area its more of a personal tool as opposed to displaying masses of clustered stations and you can set the limit of stations to display based on your personal choice.

it doesn’t use my server it basically will use your own resources for displaying data and the station listing file is totally editable for those who basic php coding experience so you can basically tweak it to your own personal language as well . hence its more of a personal tool .

i think when im nearer the point ill put a working demo up and it will be sort of much clearer however Im not putting any date on expected release due to personal circumstances at present meaning no roof and we are fully experienced in dealing with water leaks :slight_smile: i can laugh at it now because we are getting used to it

Hi Brian yes I can understand why you did block some ip ranges and know its not personal as you explained before. Very unfortunal but sh happens I will follow your moves on the forums I didn t receive my kit not for now but orientating on the possibillities thanks for letting me know I ll contact you personal when i m stuck
We re in luck its very dry i cann follow the football wc without roof :soccer: oops soccer

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@spacesnow. yes ron we are always ready for football having a wife more passionate about football than myself is a bonus :slight_smile: (ps its not real spray paint :slight_smile: )