Almost Full Circle!

The image below will show the back side of the 3 versions of a Tempest° device (WF-TWD01) to date (12/02/2021).

Left: early release beta pre-production Tempest° Field Test device (north marker and WeatherFlow logo at bottom are “hollow”. . .not colored in).

Middle: Tempest° device released from March 2020 ~ mid Summer 2021 (north marker and WF logo at the bottom both colored in blue).

Right: latest release version as of Fall 2021 (north marker at top is about the same color as the background for “Tempest API Explorer” page on the Community Forum, not blue like the previous version) . Also. . .the WF logo at the bottom is not colored in; it’s exactly like the beta version at the left.

Hence. . .Almost a Full Circle for design on the backside of a WF-TWD01.

I prefer the blue color on the north Marker and the WF logo! (Middle one) I’m glad my Tempest° devices have back side colored in blue. . .makes it much easier to see. . .especially when Tempest° is high up on a pole.


They should cram in a gyroscope/field sensors to assist in the setup and do away with the logo however pretty it looks