Allow display of time in 24H clock

The Tempest phone app shows time in 24h clock (it possibly gets this from the OS?), but the website doesn’t. Would be great to have that option available, as 24h clock will take up less space on the page, and it is less easy to confuse the time of day you are looking at.

If it was an option in your user profile, people who preferred the AM/PM thing could keep it that way.

There is already a page to choose units for a whole load of the readings
this would seem like a good place to choose and set time and date formats too?

I know it is a small thing compared to the great ideas on here, but it would make the website easier to use and understand…

I think the answer to your request is in this thread:

Thank you @gizmoev - good find.
I had searched for threads about time format, but this one didn’t come up - I should have tried to search for date format instead!
That ‘solution’ though is now getting on for 4 years old - I hope we don’t have to wait another 4 years! :timer_clock:

I agree. I much prefer 24h time format and wish the web interface would honor the system time & date formats.

its the way the localization is implemented. Weatherflow’s webpage looks at the language setting and determines the preference for you. Which isn’t the correct way of doing it, because I have my browser set to English, don’t live in the usa. Picking UK English helps, but then you always see my avator having a yellow colour instead of a yellow color.