Air UDP packets late or intermittent

I have been trying to work with the UDP data and have been experiencing late or missing data from the air sensor. The air sensor RSSI has been consistent at -60dB yet I will have gaps or data will show up that is several seconds out of sequence. The sky sensor RSSI is -60dB as well yet its data has fewer gaps and hasn’t been transmitted out of sequence.

Also look at your wifi network as it can be dropped there if it is saturating … or link is poor (distance or to many on the same frequency etc). We have seen in the past that some routers weren’t to fantastic with UDP (I change for example and since it is all ok, the router was pretty old and running tomato, I switched to Ubiquity with very good results now)

UDP is a very light protocol since there is no checking if the package arrives or not. It is send and from there …

The hub RSSI is -25dB. The WiFi router is a Linksys WRT1900ACv2 running DD-WRT v3.0 (08/22/18). The network traffic is light on that router and subnet.

Here is a plot of the RSSI:

have you logged the udp traffic by any chance ? This is where is discovered where it got lost … comparing the graphs I had from all components in the line till I saw drops on my old router’ graph. And it wasn’t related to signal strength … not overloaded wifi since I life in the country where you hardly see any wifi at all. Never figured out why my old router dropped the udp packages so easily … while the new router is hardly loosing any.
Maybe try to toggle to another frequency ???

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I have not yet logged the UDP traffic.

If you’re monitoring the data from a ‘wireless’ computer, it is very normal to see late/missing UDP broadcasts. Move to a wired connection and it’ll all clear up.

I am monitoring from a wired computer. I had a gap from the air sensor last night that lasted 40 minutes.

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Depends on your code I guess. I never see a missed packet using my UDP listener on a pi3b+ that’s wired to the network. Perhaps the code you’re using is blocking or something. Impossible to guess based on your skeletal description.

Maybe, you should run wireshark for a while to trace the trafic. There might be an other device boosting data to your network periodically ?

I will run wireshark and see if there is anything unusual going on.