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What does your Plume read outside, compared to the Plume App.


it doesn’t matter too much. the plume lab values on the map don’t have the local detail. most of the time outside is a bit higher than inside. They could differ by a factor two. That’s why a brought the unit to the official station to compare with that. But if yours is still way off, just replace it by a different flow2 or by some other brand.

I can actually have the Plume Air App detail streets, including mine. But the street value is usually the same at my city.

I talked with Larry at Plume this morning. But it seems that Plume is confused by the wildfires. He sent me a white paper which shows correlation of Plume Flow and other sensors. He kept saying not to expect Flow 2 to read the same as expensive sensor. Well, I don’t expect the same, but would not expect flow2 to read under 50% of the local AQ sensors.

Local AQ Station shows PM2.5 raw data of 133.
There are a bunch of local AQ stations within 25 miles and their data is pretty close around 130.
Flow 2 shows raw data of about 50.

Purple air shows raw data around 80, or LPAPA adjusted data around 45. But I don’t think I should use the LAPAPA adjustment. It adjusts the Purple Air reading downward. All the Purple Air sensors are reading around 80, or almost HALF of our local AQ sensors that are about 130. Not the DOUBLE that the LPAPA study suggests that the Purple Air sensors read, and thus a LOWERING using the LPAPA adjustment.

Color me confused. :upside_down_face:

f.y.i. accuweather has just integrated plumelabs data


“f.y.i. accuweather has just integrated plumelabs data”
Oh, gosh, more data inconsistent with my Flow.
Well, at least accuweather inconsistent with Flow.

Accuweather, PM2.5 16 ug/m3

Local Air District sensor, PM 2.5, 5 ug/m3
Air Dist. about 10 circling SF Bay , PM2.5, all below 7, some 0 ug/m3
Purple Air local, several with a couple of miles, PM2.5, 4-6 ug/m3

Flow 2, PM 2.5, 3 ug/m3

but there is a big difference between forecast and the other values.

If you click the link on Accuweather that says: “Learn More at Plume Labs”, that takes you to Plume’s Worldwide Air Quality Map. Clicking “Our Sources” on Plume’s Worldwide Air Quality Map says that for the US, the sources are the AIrNow, which uses EPA (and other local Air District) sensors. The Local Air District I list above, is the Air Now Sensors. A circle of data… :slight_smile:

Sunny whose big difference are you talking about between forecast and the other values/

isn’t accuweather showing the forecast data?

Yes, Accuweather shows the current data in Air Quality numbers AND in raw numbers. But it looks like they show the forecast in only Air Quality numbers.

Like for PM 2.5, the AQ number is about twice the raw number.

that depends on which AQ index is used and on the actual value.

Correct, that’s why I used PM2.5. The other have different factors to get from the raw data to the AQI.

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“f.y.i. accuweather has just integrated plumelabs data”

I continue to be NOT impressed with Accuweather integrated with Plumelabs data.

Accuweather. 35 ug/m3
Accuweather is supposedly using the Air Now local air district sensors.
my Flow 2. 2 ug/m3
Local Air District. 7 ug/m3
Purple Air. 2.5 (four nearby reading 2 or 3)

Sunny, have you ever had a Flow raw data reading over 50 ug/m3 for PM2.5 (or on mine that’s well over 100 ug/m3 ?

thanks for your help. My Flow 2 consistently reads low.

No, I haven’t. Air is usually pretty clean here. No and Voc are usually the biggest problem.

I have Plume Labs engineers checking into my flow 2. It seems to continuously read low compared to other local sensors. I’m about to try another Flow, and perhaps a Atomtube Pro.

A few days ago, smoke was bad.
Air district sensor and Purple Air around me read 130 - 140 ug/m3 on PM 2.5.
Flow 2 reads around 50 ug/m3

Last night at 9:20 am AQ was better here
Air district sensor read 13, Purple Air sensors about 15 ug/m3
My Flow 2 is pretty much stuck at 2 ug/m3, with little exception, which apparently is the minimum Flow 2 can read.

NO2 is more reasonable, except NO2 won’t read well when temp is low in the morning. Like when below 60 degrees F, NO2 reads zero.

the atomtube pro looks promising. 10 day battery life is way better than flow,

“the atomtube pro looks promising. 10 day battery life is way better than flow”

I agree, the atomtube Pro looks pretty good. I just wish that the I knew the PM readings were accurate compared to local sensors.
No returns on Atomtube Pro, though.
“Changed your mind? Not a problem. If you decide to cancel your purchase before your order is shipped to you, the payment will be refunded.
The refund can not be provided after the product has been shipped to you.”

I found this Air District comparison of a LOT of AQ sensors.