Air Quality monitor

PurpleAir is cool, its also expensive, could you develop your own, integrated with Tempest or a stand alone unit?

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I agree with you! But I would want the stand alone unit and make sure it’s solar charged that comes with the unit.

I’ve previously run one of these internally, but you could also run it externally.

I’m currently running an AirGradient DIY pro internally, but running ESPHome software on it to integrate with Home Assistant rather than their software

Thanks for sharing! This is much more in my price range just taking a quick look. Yes, you have to put it together, the pre soldered one, but I could do that. I will take a deeper look later.

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An AQM was on WeatherFlow’s product roadmap on day one, but was subsequently removed when WF determined that the market was full of similar products at price points where they could not compete or disrupt.

Given how Canadian and west coast USA wildfire smoke has raised awareness about AQI recently, perhaps they may want to re-visit that decision now that there’s a larger market for both devices and data???

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Davis AirLink is $182 US and PurpleAir Classic $229 US just to mention the two famous label brands. I have both of them and they are trivial to set up and both work great and have nice APIs to link them into things like weewx and Home Assistant.

When colocated they read the same, but that shouldn’t be too surprising.

Both have nice websites they connect to. Personally I like PurpleAir’s a lot more.

Both require a cloud connection for anything approaching real-time measurements…

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Naaah just hit their current conditions local url.

I have verified in the past that the PA continues to work with no Internet available for at least a couple/few hours, but I have not done any kind of test to verify that it can boot up and stay up without hitting Internet at all, so I don’t know if they have any watchdog timers.

For Airlink -
For PurpleAir -

Both return a nice JSON formatted set of data to use.