AIR mounting brackets

Where can I buy mounting brackets for AIR?

Try this, It works very well for my Air installation:
Air Mounting option

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Or turn in a Spaxx screw an assable the base plate.

Thanks, I ordered today!

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yes - I got a few Blink camera mounts cheap on Amazon since the Air supports typical tripod threading. Worked great for me.

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Has anyone used an old Directv mount? I have one on my roof that is abandoned. Iā€™m planning on removing the dish and putting a rod into the tubular mount with the Air on top.

My Weatherflow is due to be here in Monday. Feels like Christmas.

I meant mount the Sky unit.

Yes, I used an old Dish mount for my Sky. Rigged it up with a rope and pulley so that I can loosen the bolts and let it drop the pole horizontal for servicing.

Thanks. I thought it would work. It certainly is strong and stable enough to hold extension pole and the Sky unit. Another plus, the DTV dish was installed on my roof before I had a very large patio cover built, so I can stand flatfooted on the cover and be able to work on the mount.

Thanks again.

Bill McDonald