AIR and SKY marked offline in hub simulatiously

My Weatherflow system with 2 AIR and 1 SKY units suddenly are marked offline while the hub is still connected to WiFi. I can’t get them back online by either opening the battery compartment or pressing the clear LED button on the AIR.

Hub has a solid green light. The AIR will show a green light then goes out after opening the battery compartment. Pressing the button causes the green light to flash continuously. Still shows offline.

This has been a working setup for months. The battery levels showed 3.4 to 3.53 on all units just before going offline.

What should I do next?

After pressing the button on the device (AIR or SKY) and it flashes green continuously go into the app and select Replace Device for the respective device. The hub and device will likely realize that they were paired and just start working. Again, make sure to use Replace Device under Settings, station name, Manage Devices, device in question, Advanced, Replace Device.

There is a possibility that the issue is related to one where the Tempest and new Hub lose connection. There is a firmware being tested right now which is supposed to fix this issue. Hopefully it fixes what ever happened with your system.

I’m tagging @dsj in case this is related to the Tempest issue.

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Thanks gizmoev,

I have performed a Replace Device for my AIR devices, and they are online again. Doing this for the SKY is a bit more involved because it is mounted on a tall pole unfortunately. I hope the firmware fix is coming soon!

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