Air and Sky have Failed to communicate

At first air failed to report but now the hub is offline. The unit is only 1 week old (after first operation). It has worked very well during this 6 day period until today.

I rebooted the hub (left it unplugged for 20 seconds before repowering the unit) but no activation of the unit.

Anyone else experience this?

Sounds like a failed hub, especially if you can’t connect to it via Bluetooth. Time to contact support. They are very responsive.

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check the cable and power supply, just to be sure.

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means no LED shows any light ?

To be shure try a differnt cord an power supply, as @sunny already advised.

When the result is the same contact @anon84912554 directly to open a ticket. They will take care shortly.

Hi @jamezmail
It looks like both of your stations are online and reporting current observations so hopefully you were able to resolve the issue.
The “Farm Saddler” station Hub has a relatively weak connection with your router. If devices are dropping connections, you might want to check the RSSI values in the app and consider moving them closer or to a place with a better signal path. Go to settings > stations > (select station) > tap the Status row and note the RSSI value for the problem AIR or SKY. A number close to 0 indicates a strong signal compared to a very weak signal of -80 to -100.
I hope this helps!