Again strange wind readings with my replacement Tempest

I’m sorry to say it… But the anemometer of the Tempest is driving me mad!

There isn’t any movement in the leaves of the trees at all.
My windcup anomometer is doing nothing.

Oke I know Tempest could sense wind like a feather… But it shows gust even above 10 km/h … That can’t be right, because with that windspeed even my windcups would move.

It looks like it always does this when it’s cold and calm weather.

Could you look at my station again @eric?
Almost the whole day there Lull readings were zero… Now it’s totally wacko. :weary:

My last Sky performed much better.

I thought Tempest should me much better… But Im beginning to lose some faith in it.

I see 100% humidity and no rain for several hours, mist ? Could there be some dew drops on the plate ?? Not sure you can have a look this evening.

It’s clear outside. But that 100% humidity could indeed be dew drop
My other humidity sensor gives 94%.
I could look at it… But I need to lower my pole than.

I will try to take a look with my flashlight…
It’s also stuck again at one wind direction… Dew could be the problem. It started when it became dark outside.

I think it has something to o with dew indeed. I didn’t lower my pole. But the 100% humidity says a lot.

Tempest is warming up in the sun on daytime… So when it cools down it could cause some dew forming on it.

If the conditions are the same tomorrow I will gonna take a look.

Looks like wind direction and speed returned to normal again.
Think the strange wind direction and speeds are caused by dew or moisture indeed.

Strange thing is…my Sky never had that problem.

@eric. It was clearly something with dew.
It’s cloudy now but again almost no wind. Humidity reads 89%
And now the anomometer works fine.

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I’m in a doubt. Should I raise my tempest a little bit higher?
The pole is wobbling a little bit in high winds. No false rain messages.

But could it affect the wind readings?

wobbling in most cases doesn’t affect rain readings. Can’t you use some climbing rope to secure the pole ? Rope doesn’t act like a string (micro vibrations) and is handy to dampen the wobbling.

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That is a good idea Eric.
Will take a look on google, for some climbing rope.
It doesn’t move much. But I think it could affect the wind readings al little bit.