Adjust "North" after installation

I should be getting my Sky today or tomorrow, but I’m so glad I came across this thread if only for the True North discussion. I had no idea this was a consideration. When I put it up I’ll definitely turn on True North in my iPhone compass before adjusting the rotation.

I have had mine installed for maybe 16hrs not lot of wind but I seem to be running a little north of my 1 station and everybody around me so I have adjusted about 1 degree to east per this little guide I found , I penciled in approximate location. Would it be correct to go by these guideline
Also where does the wind direction pointer in the app display park at with 0 wind does it park in Nth position or last known wind speed direction ?



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It seems to park at N with no wind. FWIW, the WF logos look pretty good on the units if you color them in with a Sharpie pen. I’m going to put a piece of automotive pinstriping tape on the South side of mine for when I eventually mount it on the North fence so I can line it up with true North…

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I took a black marker and colored in the Logo which seems to line up with the north looks good too! Maybe when they run more shells they might consider a dark color on logo? I agree with the seems to park in north position I will watch and see if that affects the charting , I would think that charting wise you would want last wind position?.
What did you think about the chart think that would apply to true north adjustment for USA?

Getting first rain really light with no wind almost received .045 " according to WF My acurite just now registered .01 .

I just looked at chart looks like with no wind chart has a null value

I believe that it is a WMO or NWS standard to report no/variable wind directions as north and zero, but maybe I’m wrong. I’m pretty sure that I recall seeing an explanation that the Sky follows that standard by design, but my memory has way too many write cycles on it to be considered reliable these days…


Ya I think I have some of that registry that been over :rofl: written too man times also

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The ‘N’ at the top of the Sky is invisible to me from the base of the pole, but my daughter helped me align it – until I found out she thought I meant the lettering on the PVC PIPE was supposed to be pointing towards her! Fortunately the 2nd time I noticed WeatherFlow had the foresight to put its logo underneath it and a bit “deeper” in the plastic so it’s more visible.

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