Adding a second tempest

Hello, can someone help me on the exact steps to add a second tempest with my current tempest which is up and running I want to add a second tempest that is on order to me. Thanks

i think it is as simple as going to settings/stations/ and there the little plus sign in the corner.

Not if adding to an existing hub. The station ID is tied to the hub. The Device ID, however, is tied to the device.

The way to look at it is the ‘station’ is the weather measurement site including all sensors attached to it. So the ‘station’ generally means the hub. A sensor is generally called a device in WF-speak. So you can have lots of sensors (devices) connected to one weather (station).

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I run 3 at same time on farm with good elevation changes. Just go to Station find and select + sign and go thru normal routine for setting up hub and station.

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