Adding a remote station?

Hello !
My daughter has a new tempest station. I live 500 miles away and would like to add her station to my tempest station setup at home without going there. I don’t think that it is possible. I have her city location already, just not her actual station added. I have found her station on the tempest map but can’t find a way to add it.
Thanks, John

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There is a feature request for such an option but it hasn’t been implemented. The closest we have is adding the location to drop down list you get when you tap your station name. Just tap the + in the upper right hand corner.

To see her station detail data, I just bookmark the station. On my Android phone I can actually create an icon to take me directly to it. I’m not sure if or how to do the same thing on iOS.

you can’t add a station to two accounts, but you could use the web interface and just create a bookmark for it.

To add a link to a remote station somebody else owns (So long as they have it set to public data) you find on the station map from a browser window you can follow @chubby.tortuga 's instructions that he wrote on this reply to a different topic:
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Hey John, welcome to the community.

While this does not exactly meet your use-case, I think you might find it useful.

If you happen to stream TV & movies on a ROKU device, I have a ROKU application that displays Tempest data. The ROKU application allows the user to configure mutiple stations and easily toggle between them; it even allows you to provide an alias-name, a name more meaningful to you than the station owner.

WeatherFlow on ROKU v5.7.5 Release - Tempest Owners - The Tempest Weather Community