Add toggle for BT in mobile app's

As I often hop in and out of all kind of devices to check, test things there is one feature that is annoying me as time goes.

When we use the mobile app it links to te hubs the moment you open it, even if you don’t want to change a setting or whatever, just look at the weather forecast. I know it doesn’t harm but if your phone or tablet is not linked to the internet, data is not going to the servers (yes I know it backfills).
I cold turn off the BT on the phone but no … not an option for me as that service is used for several other things (like talking to my watch …), go away but those bloody phones and their BT have a huge range these days … I have to go 20 meters in my garden at least to not link…

I’d like to see a new toggle. By default the app does NOT link to the hubs and when I want to (change a setting for ex) I activate the link.

I’m not sure I understand the problem. you are using the app, so it makes only a bt connection during that time. That probably isn’t very long at all. In the unlikely event that your phone doesn’t have internet during that period, it will send the data as soon as you stop using the app.

That is a feature I like. That’s one reason I seldom use the Android application.

I agree. It would be helpful to have the BT connection as a toggle in the app. It could default to on unless the user toggled it off. Then it would stay off until toggled on again.

That is the problem. Some times the app should not connect to BT. Right now the user has to turn off Bluetooth on the mobile device or use the web interface to view the station without Bluetooth connecting.

Agree but I’m out of votes.

please enlighten me why the should not connect. What is against the BT connection?

I agree that if this is going to be an option the default should be to use the bluetooth connection as it should be as easy as possible for new users. One could argue that after an initial setup it could be turned off, but it isn’t very unlikely that some people do run the setup again for whatever reason. So the default should be to use bt unless a user explicitly turns it off.

Here is one issue,

Another is that when you have set up a station you have switch away from the app and, on Android, wait for a while for the BT connection to be dropped or actually shut the app down to release it to see if the hub is actually communicating with WF servers.

There have been other situations where I didn’t want the app to use BT to connect to the station and I either have to turn off BT or use the Web interface. I can understand that maybe you haven’t seen any reason to not have BT connect but obviously some of us have. I’ve had it happen enough between my testing stations here at home, managing one at my church, and also when I’ve been mobile with my mobile station that it is annoying. It looks like there are at least four of us who would find such a feature useful.