Add other users stations to faviorates

Add the ability to add other users tempest to the list of tempests.

It could be a READ ONLY connection to another tempest in the page that shows the one(s) that are owned by the users or just a new page that allows you to pick which ones are your favorites

myPWS app has this and it’s very nice. You don’t have to keep looking on a map for your intersting sites. .

as the web interface is almost the same as the app, you could just create a bookmark to your favorite station and put it on your home screen or desktop
or perhaps show them all at once using this: [App] Favorite Station to a favorite list - #19 by sunny

Note that regularly viewing someone else’s station counts against their (undocumented, unviewable) quota of non-signed-in requests.

Tempest has a page view limit for viewing data while not logged in. The more people you have viewing your data, the closer you will get to hitting that data cap and when you do. Nobody can view the data anymore but the logged in user. Doing this will result in hitting that cap pretty quickly.

I suspect that accessing a station that you do not own is not permitted under WF-T’s personal station data license…

What I did was look very close to the location of the stations you want to add from a desktop browser. Then in the tempest app click + to add a station. Start typing a location and scroll down to “select location using map” then you can zoom and put the pin on the exact location you saw from the desktop and even name it the same. I saved a few of the stations close to me so I can compare theirs to mine.