Add me to Tempest Total Sensor Failure (fixed 10/7)

Bummer. What to say. Just sent info to support using Contact page. Hub is green. Turned Tempest off then on. No good. Sad that Tempest is unreliable.

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Same here. Mine was up maybe a week.

I’m requesting RMA taking advantage of 60 day money back guarantee.

That is a real bummer. Just so you know, WF has been very good at replacing failed units even near the end of warranty.

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Good News – Bad News

Good news : Tempest is working. From tech support, “I was then able to remotely reboot your device, which is different from a hard power cycle, and this brought back the pressure and wind readings.”

Bad news : Remote reboot of Tempest necessary to get it to work.

So I have mixed feelings. I love Tempest. I don’t like the reliability thus far.

Still nothing from tech support after opening a ticket. 2 days and counting. :rage:

I got a replacement but the serial number was much lower which indicates tome that it’s a refurbished unit. Can’t prove it but it’s at least working, so far.

That is an assumption some Field Testers made and it was made very clear that wasn’t the case. It is very likely that you have a new unit.

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The serial number is entirely arbitrary. Each unit gets a random serial number.

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Happy to hear that! Thanks!

Do we know the root cause for the total sensor failure? My Tempest sensor had a total failure today. I did a hard factory reset to get it back online.