Add links in top bar


On another Discourse forum they added another top bar with links to other parts of their sites, maybe try to copy this with link to your website, support system etc … As this forum will become most probably the first contact for users … sometimes they forget the ‘usual’ spots for feed back and bugs etc. And the Indiegogo page won’t stay for years the spot to be.

Other thing that is well done there, is when you scroll down the page, the top bars disappear except the second one that changes with a home picture that can be clicked at any time and goes straight back to 'latest’
For Discourse forums this isn’t a luxury since some parts can become quite long and going back to the top to fetch the links again … :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the suggestion, Eric. We’re using “plain vanilla” Discourse at the moment in an effort to keep resources focused on other tasks, but we’ll definitely consider adding enhancements as the content and traffic grows here.


perfectly normal. You might consider to promote 1 or 2 of your long time testers with forum skills (willing and having time) that could help out with the forum. Your people can’t be on all fronts. This could be a temporary solutioon till things settle down (if ever, you folks seem to have a few more ideas to keep you busy for months to come :sunglasses: )


That’s the plan! Thanks for volunteering!


I was going to suggest you also add someone with Discourse forum experience. I see you have a Discourse member here. So far it seems the forum is running smooth with only a couple of hiccups. I’m looking forward to learning more from other developers and sharing ideas