Add Hail capability specifically start time, size, and amount

Living in an area with the potential of large hail it would be valuable to get an alert of hail, size (at least largest size) and intensity. This could allow me make decisions that could save $$$ in taking damage avoidance decisions. Eventually an area map of size and intensity would even more valuable but that could come later.

By the time it hits the Tempest- the damage is already occurring.

Hail often starts as small size and increases as the storm approaches, That said usually there’s not lot you can do about house damage but last week I was driving home when ping pong size hail was hitting my house. My wife called and I headed away from the storm rather than driving into it as it developed, not knowing this I would have likely kept going and got into the middle of it. That call saved me from car damage and even so traffic was starting to jam up heading away and I could have been trapped,. Two years ago we had a two large storms where people had to replace a car for each storm. In that storm a woman tried to run her car to move it and received severe head cuts, Not saying that was a good decision but with better warning she might have saved her car that was totaled along with 300 cars in that same lot. Having good hail area and size reports will allow news weather forecaster to tell their listener the area of damaging hail and its movement, Weatherflow technology has that capability. Wx radar helps but the more detailed data the better. Retired wxman.

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