Add daily hi & low dew point values

Please add the daily high & low as well as current dew point values. Current Dew point values get replaced with heat index when it reaches a certain criteria. And there is no record on the history page for daily High/Low and Avg Dew Pint.

Yes. Good idea !!! In regards to Dewpoint

If you find the idea good, vote for it if you have any votes left

I do not have any votes left. I ran out a long time ago.

indeed there are more than 5 ideas that are worth upvoting. You can change your voting by removing it from an idea you upvoted earlier, but I just want to have more than 5 votes. I can understand why they don’t want us to just vote for everything, but I voted a long time ago. I’m not going to review my old votes to see if they are still the best (they probably are, as they are mostly (all?) my ideas :wink: ). They should give us more votes. like 50 or so.

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I totally agree, 5 votes is way to limited. Something more like 25 or 50 would be best I agree as well.

The daily, weekly, monthly, etc. section is fabulous but missing key weather parameters such as high and low dewpoint and high feels like temperature. Would like to see this added.

Yes. Great Idea. Dewpoint Highs and Lows