Add averaged maximum to the current displayed maximum wind gust value

In the wind display values, gusts are mentioned but they are instantaneous and don’t reflect the true maximum gust that has been occurring over the last hour.

I propose that the wind gust value should display the highest gust from the last hour or there be a max. wind speed and max. wind gust value displayed, or averaged in some way to better reflect the conditions.

Hi @mark5,

Your feature request has no votes because you have not voted for it.
And for your information, just in case you have not seen the graphs.
If you view the graphs you can zoom in and out in time to adjust the period which is used to return the gust value. There is not a 1hr range, but there is a 30 minute range such as this:
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

I have seen the graphs, but not as quick or as handy to disseminate the values. I hope I am making the topic clear to understand, I don’t have any votes left.