Acceptable RSSI values?

I’ve searched older posts here for this information, but can’t really find anything on what’s considered “good” or “bad” RSSI values. I’m building my own Tempest monitoring dashboard and in addition to weather observations, I want to monitor device status. So in terms of green, yellow, and red, what would be considered appropriate ranges for each color? I’m guessing something like 0 to -50 = green, -51 to -80 = yellow, and -81 and lower = red. Does that sound valid?

The ranges you’re looking at are a reasonable starting point.

The generally accepted RSSI “floor” seems to be -80, which is typical for electronics. There will be some variation to what that exact number is for any given location due to variations in background noise and other interfering signals.


-30 is a theoretical “perfect”, as it were, but in the -50 to -70 range is pretty optimal in a typical home environment.


I found a parabolic antenna can help with getting a stronger signal between the Hub and WiFI access point and between the Hub and Tempest sensor. It’s best to install it on the opposite side from the LED light on the Hub.

I listed a link below for a parabolic antenna I order from Amazon that’s increased the signal strength for me.

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Also, the Hub antenna is on the left side. I have mine sitting in a window with direct line of sight to the Tempest Sensor.

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Is that from the rear of the Hub (opposite side from the LED indicator)?

Pretend the Hub is a person. If that person were you, it would be your left side.

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I guess the question, then, is what’s the hub’s butt? I would consider the side with the LED to be the front and the side the cable plugs in to be the rear, but with the LED and cable on the same side it’s a bit ambiguous.

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I made the assumption the LED side is the front/head of the unit because a person needs the ability to glance quickly at the unit to determine the operating status.

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The cable is the tail end. I guess that does need explanation for some. All five of my Hub units are placed in areas where they are not directly visible so I don’t think about it.

@erichennessey @GaryFunk IMHO, the LED side would be the front of the Hub. It’s unorthodox the cable plugs into the front and not into the back of the unit. So stating the cable is the tail end can be confusing. It would not make sense for the LED side to be the back of the unit because some users would turn that towards the wall and not be able to view the status.

Some users may be concern about the orientation because it appears the Hub antenna is on the left side of the unit. Even though the Hub has a omni-direction antenna; there is slightly better reception on the Left of the Hub. With that in mind, Left is dependent on what is the correct definition regarding the front of the hub and the back of the hub.

I understand the confusion. The decision was to put the LED in the back. WeatherFlow envisioned owners placing the Hub in secluded locations.

So, simply put, the front has the WeatherFlow logo.


Thank you for the clarification! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, an RSSI value from Tempest to Hub of -70 is ok? I understand the sweet spot of -30, but I’m not sure I can achieve that. If -70 won’t impact the performance of the unit I won’t mess with it any more.

-70 is ok, just don’t go over -80 as from there on it becomes hard for the devices to communicate

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