Ability to Have 2 Base Stations on a Single Sign In Account?

Question: Is it possible to have 2 base stations on a single account using a single sign in to either the webpage or the IOS App?

The reason I ask is that with my backyard 10’ Sky showing flakiness with occasionally not registering rain, I have received through Amazon a Tempest with Base Station that I have not configured yet.

I would like for now to leave my roof top 34’ Sky as is with it continuing to be my primary observation for wind with excellent accuracy.

You had communicated earlier that the Tempest will not work on the older base stations that support Sky-Air combos.

Configuration Options:

Under my current sign on, can I add the second base station or is only one base station allowed?


Will I have to (using a separate email address) register a new email address/account for the new Base Station-Tempest combo?

I will wait to hear back from you before I configure the Tempest.

My desire is to have my current Sky at 34’ remain my primary. It is a $250 cost to get someone to assist me with replacing it on the steep pitch of the roof to the mounting area.

I would at least initially test the tempest at 10’ back yard level where it gets inaccurate wind flow at 10’ due to not adequate clearances from 2/3 of the quadrants.

Yes, you can. I have 3 Stations using 1 email account and can easily select between them on the app or
web. 2 are newer Tempest Hubs and 1 is the older Sky/Air Hub.

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I should have clarified 2 Base Station Hubs (not multiple devices)

One new Hub with the tempest would support the Tempest

The existing holder Hub will support 2 Skys and 2 Airs.

Goal would be to have all stations to show in the app under one account

Multiple Hubs show up as a pick-list on the web and in the apps:


Yes, we are saying the same thing. Go to Settings, under Manage, select Stations, select the + (upper right) to add another Hub (Station) to your account. It will be given its own station number and you provide the station name. When you open the web page or app, a primary station will show up. Click the down arrow (web) to select the desired station from the list or tap the station for the app (with its Hub and attached devices). Support can change which station comes up as the primary (first displayed station).

I started with a Sky/Air Hub Station, added a second one, added a Tempest Hub Station, then added another. All on 1 email account.

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