Ability to display water year rain totals

Would love to see an option to view total rainfall for the water year as opposed to the calendar year. For example, if I view yearly totals in the app, it shows all totals since January, but our rain year runs from October 1st to September 30 here is California.

While I appreciate the ability to display historical data by day, week, and month… the “year” reading is not particularly helpful. I want to see the rainfall for our rainy season… adding the data from January through December just doesn’t tell me anything about this year’s rain season… and in February if I want to see how the rainfall is for the season I can’t include the data from October…

The idea of a rainy season and a dry season is not uncommon in weather circles, and it is more normal to consider the rainfall for the season than the calendar year.

I know I can go look at the rainfall for each month and add it up myself, but it sure would be nice to have the app just tell me.

I think this could be achieved by either adding a “Season” view to History, and having an option in the Settings to define the start/end of the season, or making the “Year” view subject to a start value (which defaults to Jan 1) that can be customized in the Settings.