Ability to display local lightning detection by our own Tempests

Neither Programmer or Coder be, so I have difficulty with UDP software (i.e. Wireshark, etc.), WeeWx would be nice, but for me but its basically a Patchwork Quilt of different software bits that we non-programmers just aren’t comfortable with. One complete bit of software to install and run would be another story.

Hardware I grok pretty well. Just an option to display my Tempests own local detection would be nice, just for my own curiosity as to local conditions. Nothing of course that would effect WF’s data, just a local display.

I vote yes, tho for some reason it won’t let me vote

most probably you used all your votes.
in your activity page you can see on what topics you voted.

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i would definitely vote yes, but I ran out of votes. Until one of the other features I voted for is implemented, I can’t help.

or you could remove this request and add it to the older one at Lightning from your own station