Ability to add Tempest URLs for others within the App

Please consider allowing users to add + specific Tempest system URLs in the add “locations” within the app. The current app only allows you to search and add a neighborhood location, not specific systems. Adding the capability to add URL locations (or the station ID) would allow for easy viewing within the app if you have multiple Tempest systems registered with different email addresses.

In my case I have 5. Two for my homes. 3 purchased for our adult children sited in different states. I created a webpage to consolidate the shared Tempest URLs in one place but it would make the app and user experience much more versatile to be able to view all within the app.

I noted a similar request with no votes that’s now closed. If the app allows you to add “Neighborhoods” why not allow adding specific Tempest stations making it more family friendly!


Would love to see the same thing or something similar!

I sent a unit to my dad’s house and have it through my account to help run it.

However, I don’t really need notifications for his unit—just want to be able to keep an eye on it from afar.

And, would be fun to see friends’ specific devices! Totally agree!

It would be nice to have the ability to add or “bookmark” additional stations inside the app, even if I don’t “own” them. I have friends and family who have Tempests and I have to use the website to view their data which can be clunky on a mobile device. If I could add additional stations and swap between them in the app that would be fantastic.

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I took liberty to merge with this request being the same. If you have a vote left, add it to this one.

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perhaps this helps [App] Favorite Station to a favorite list - #19 by sunny