A Few Grafana Dashboards for Tempest

Hello! I’m a few days into my new WeatherFlow Tempest and I wanted to share a few of my quick dashboards that I was able to make based off the great UDP data collectors presented in this community - specifically:

If you push the data into InfluxDB - you can grab these two dashboards from the Grafana Dashboard Community:

Weather - WeatherFlow Overview


Weather - WeatherFlow (Details/Live)

These were put together pretty quickly so there may be a few little oddities here or there. :slight_smile: I’ll be updating them shortly to be included in a Grafana / UDP collector All In One project along with some additional dashboards from the Rest API. Happy to take any feedback or questions as well. Again - thanks for all of the work done already here!!

(If you’d like to play around with these dashboards - they’re available at my Grafana site as well…)

For those of you that would like to try these dashboards out yourself as part of a Grafana WeatherFlow UDP Collector stack, I’ve shared these details over on my Github. More details here:


Looks very nice not seen this before. Is there a detailed guide on how do get this working for another Tempest.?

This looks very nice. Great work :+1:

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The linked up Weatherflow UDP will get you started with InfluxDB - but not much on Grafana. I’m going to build out an “All In One” effort shortly where somebody could just use Docker to start up some containers and start seeing dashboards of their own start populating. I’ll post an update as soon as that moves along… Thanks!

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Just updated the initial post with a link to a docker-compose stack that includes everything to get started.

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I like the graphics they looks like the Ubiquiti network controller graphics :+1:

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This is awesome dude! Took less than 5 minutes to get this setup and displaying data on a raspberry pi 4. Thanks for putting this together and documenting it!

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Your dashboards are looking great, will it take a lot of tweaking to make them work with a Sky and Air pair?

Thanks for all of the great feedback on these dashboards. I’ve actually been spending a bit more time on these and have built out a new logging collector along with a few changes to dashboards. Instead of using InfluxDB, I’m using Grafana Loki as a direct logging collector. I’ll leave the InfluxDB All In One up in my Github repository for now. Going forward updates will most likely be focused on these Grafana Loki-based dashboards. If you’d like to take a look at the updates, please head over to:

A few updates:

@ruud - I expect the queries will be easy to reuse but the dashboards are certainly geared towards the Tempest. If you can provide an example of the raw JSON logs, I can take a look at building some dashboards out with my newer Grafana Loki collector. Can certainly collaborate to get you something similar!

@Lux4rd0 - Have you tried running this dashboard in a Ubuntu VM without docker?

@Lux4rd0 Thanks for the offer! Here is a json fragment that I captured with the UDP listener: json.txt (29.7 KB) . I have been able to get the dashboards up and running on a Linux Mint system so there is a start :wink:

I haven’t. I actually have a lot of different systems to store and collect data. I just built the docker-compose All In One because it’s the easiest way to consistently deploy a “it just works” when dealing with data collection, data sources, stacks, and a front-end UI like Grafana. The pieces could certainly be decoupled if you’ve got something running already. What are you thinking?

Nice! That’s a great start! Let me take a look at your log file and see what I can do.