A dedicated display

No need to pay for no ads if the box never sleeps. Screen timeout is solved by the free Fully Kiosk Browser app @vreihen mentioned in your other thread.

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@ lewtesco
Please share how you made this happen. I have a 32" as well and would love to have that displayed!

I used an old iPhone with a HDMI adapter to one of my TV’s. Works perfectly.

Other weather units always have had this feature and I grew accustomed to seeing something just hanging on a wall. It told me everything I needed to know at a glance. I now have to click the link to my own weather station to see it on my desktop.
The phone app is good, but I guess maybe it’s an older guy thing to have that dedicated unit on the wall.

WF is a slightly different concept, and you have the option to use a variety of solutions.

We’re using the aforementioned WeatherFlow PiConsole, it’s great and it’s got all the information on it.
All you need is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B…

We run multiple Weather Tempest stations, and they’re easy to switch on with a few touches of a finger. I’ve never seen a better display.