3rd time wasn't the charm (Hub issues)

Greetings all,

Just an FYI the Tempest is my first weather station, the idea of having one is pretty cool. I got my station back in… April/May I think, early adopter on Kickstarter, I haven’t had the best luck so far.

Here’s a event time line and some extra info:
Got my station. (yay!)

About a week in started getting offline/online hub messages. Once a day, not a huge deal.

2nd week I start getting a few offline/online messages per day.

End of second week, hub is dead, no led, no nothing. Tried the usual unplug, replace power adapter, cable, etc.

First time contacting CS, they are gonna replace it, that was simple, they really stand by their product, nice.

Got replacement hub in. (yay!)

Repeat of previous events. I had the hub sitting on a window ledge going for best line of site to the station, I was thinking maybe the heat did it?

Repeat CS experience, get replacement in. This time I just put it on a table in my office. Same thing started happening AGAIN, however the hub had a high RSSI value, 75+ so I was thinking this was the issue this time.

I moved the hub now downstairs, against the back wall closest to the station neat my AP. Station RSSI is -55 and the Hub is -36, I don’t think I’ll get much better than that.

I’m making this post now in order to log the time line and hopefully get some insite and ideas because I’m at the stage of going offline once a day, so far it doesn’t come back online unless I reboot it.

Hub/station ID 26852
Current firmware: 143

Thanks in advance, and if there is any ideas I’ll try them.

Your RRSi values are more than good so that’s not the problem

Just had a look and it is your hub that reboots. Have you tried changing the power supply ? Maybe it is failing with moments and shuts off (micro cuts ??)

I had almost the same exact issue with multiple offline messages daily. I sent a message to tech support and they pushed a targeted update firmware version to my specific hub which cured the drops.

Right now I’m running Hub Firmware v147 and Station Firmware v134.

Again, I had multiple offline reports daily, the hub firmware solved the issue and it’s now been online with zero issues for 27d+

My 3rd hub came with a new power adapter and wire, they asked the same thing.

I did reboot the hub to get it to reconnect today, and when I moved it to its new location yesterday.

Agreed, since Eric updated my hub to 147 I’ve had zero issues.

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I pushed your hub to 147. see if tis solves your rebooting issue.

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The anticipation is gonna kill me. Thank you for doing that, the support is nothing less than fantastic.

I just checked and I have 143 on my hub and it’s doing the same thing. I would like to get 147 pushed to my hub also.