3 issues - Wind, Rain & Sun

My wind is quite a bit off. It’s always reads low. This time of year we get 10 mph steady and gusts to 20+. Right now, my wind is probably 8-10 and gusts are well into the 20’s. Big trees branches are swaying and the Tempest says it 1-2 mph gusting to 4. Obviously not right. Checking a couple local stations they’re both saying we’re gusting into the 20s.

Twice this week I’ve been alerted to heavy rain. One day it was very cloudy but not a drop of rain. The other day it was completely clear and nothing.

And lastly, a couple of days ago the app said it was clear but in reality it was very cloudy and overcast. The UV reading supported what was really going on, but the app weather didn’t match.

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Could you share your Station ID and maybe a picture or two of your Tempest showing where it is mounted? That will help us help you.