14 day router reset - hub offline issue

Since receiving my WF station I have been having very sparodic issues with my hub dropping offline. See: Hub dropped offline and Sky and Air disconnect from hub. The hub has just dropped offline again, but this time I’ve now been able to track down the exact cause of the issue.

Every 14 days my British Telecom ISP router resets automatically. Don’t ask me why (probably to stop errors building on the fibre optic line), but it does it without fail. The outage is incredibly brief and barely noticeable on devices connected to the network. Once the network/WiFi is back up, devices reconnect and carry on like normal.

The only device that can’t handle the reset, however, is the WF hub. The router reset knocks the hub offline and the only way to bring the hub back online is to power cycle it, or manually reset the router a couple of times.

I know the route cause of the issue is the router reset, but I personally feel that the hub should be able to cope with this situation very easily. It seems to be getting stuck somehow, and is unable to reconnect even when the WiFi is back up and running a few moments later. Is this something that can be looked into?

PS. I’ve power cycled the hub to get it back online. Apologies if this has made debugging harder!


Hi Peter,

I believe we just fixed a bug (in a development firmware build) that could be related to your issue. Next time the hub gets knocked offline, can you open the SmartWeather app on your phone and wait till the LED on the hub turns blue? Then close the app and tell me if the LED turns green after about 10 seconds or so? That will tell us if it’s a related bug or something different.



Hi Rob,

Great to hear you may have a fix already. Very happy to carry out your testing, but it will have to wait for another 14 days though. I will let you know the results though ASAP!

@rderr Seems like the new firmware has fixed this issue. I checked the router status and it reset about 8 hours ago. I didn’t notice any dropout from the hub. Thanks for all your hard work!


I’m glad to hear that Peter!