10 day forecast descriptions

First post, enjoying my Tempest so far. I did some searching on the board but didn’t see an answer for this: understanding how the percent chance of precipitation is calculated for the day, why is the written description “rain possible” when there’s only a 20% chance?

By all means show the 20%, but wouldn’t a more accurate descriptor for that day be “partly cloudy”, or something that doesn’t mention rain since the hourly chances are even less?

that might change soon. In the main screen it shows “partly cloudy”, but in the panel view (grid view, whatever the name), it is shown as “possibly rain”. They are thinking about removing the forecast from the panel view. It’s data comes from a different source than the forecast in the main view. I’m however hoping they keep the forecast in the panel view ( Removing the forecast card or not?), and just adapt it so it gets the data from the same source.

I have always seen 20% as “slight chance of rain (precipitation)”.

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