10 Day Forecast - % chance of rain

A friend of mine who got his Tempest a couple weeks ago asked me (since I’ve had mine a lot longer!) if I had ever seen anything less than 20% chance of rain in the 10 day forecast. I had to admit, I never thought about it. But I will start looking now - given that my 10 day forecast shows 20% plus chance of rain for every day (and I live in Rhode Island, not south Florida). Does the forecast % chance of rain ever drop below 20%?

Here in Texas it often shows 0% or like today when it shows 5%.

Here in Central Illinois, three of the next 10 days are 10%.

15% chance here today just outside Pittsburgh, Pa

Thanks to those that replied. Sorry for asking such a ‘duh’ type question! Now I’m seeing a couple 10%’s on my dashboard. I think I over-reacted to my friend’s question!