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Photos of Sky and Installation

Let’s share photos of our installed Sky device. When you read a good post, press the :heart: icon.

402 October 23, 2019
Photos of Air and Installation

A topic to share how we mounted the Air device. When you read a good post, press the :heart: icon.

175 October 8, 2019
Station ID : How to find it and What it is (good for)

The Station ID is a unique identifier for an installed Hub. Hence, a complete Weatherflow SmartWeather installation including all installed Air and Sky modules can be accessed by this ID. In case of any issue specific t…

3 September 13, 2019
CL System for Pressure calibration explained

On October 12th we quietly launched our new Continuous Learning (CL) auto-calibration system for Pressure. The system performs a quality control inspection on the raw station pressure sensor data from your AIR, and appli…

39 April 16, 2019
Official Smart Weather Station HELP CENTER

Visit WeatherFlow’s Smart Weather Station help center for general information, troubleshooting guides, resources and customer support.

4 February 26, 2019
CL for Humidity explained

In late August 2018 we launched our new Continuous Learning (CL) auto-calibration system for Humidity. The system performs a quality control inspection and ensures that your humidity values are both unique to your locati…

5 May 7, 2019
Hardware physical dimensions

I took a couple minutes to measure the hardware since the question comes up so often… Air = 133 mm (5-1/4 in) high and 64 mm (2.5 in) in diameter Sky = 95 mm (3-3/4 in) in diameter at its widest point and 200 mm (8 in)…

3 August 21, 2018
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