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CL System for Pressure calibration explained [Owners] (10)

On October 12th we quietly launched our new Continuous Learning (CL) auto-calibration system for Pressure. The system performs a quality control inspection on the raw station pressure sensor data from your AIR, and appli…

Photos of Sky and Installation ( 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 ) [Owners] (283)

Let’s share photos of our installed Sky device. When you read a good post, press the :heart: icon.

SKY: power save mode = 2yrs+ battery life [Owners] (13)

Years of electrical, hardware, and software engineering has gone into the design and development of SKY to allow our precision sonic anemometer to operate on battery power alone. (Go ahead, do a google search for sonic a…

Smart Weather Station Map [Owners] (8)

An official map of WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations in now available at: smartweather.weatherflow.com/map

Lightning Alerts logic [Owners] (10)

To prevent users from being overwhelmed by lightning detection alerts, we set up a rule that our software follows: for each lightning strike, an alert is sent if it’s been more than 30 minutes since the last alert or if …

CL system for UV explained [Owners] (2)

CL System for UV calibration explained During early October 2018, we quietly launched our new Continuous Learning (CL) auto-calibration system for UV. The system is designed to evaluate the raw UV sensor data from your …

Photos of Air and Installation ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Owners] (126)

A topic to share how we mounted the Air device. When you read a good post, press the :heart: icon.

Battery cut-out thresholds (Solved) [Owners] (18)

Your AIR and SKY devices will report their battery levels with each observation. Users can enable a battery “card” on their dashboard to monitor. App > Settings > Stations > select station > Advanced > ‘Show Battery Car…

Hardware physical dimensions [Owners] (3)

I took a couple minutes to measure the hardware since the question comes up so often… Air = 133 mm (5-1/4 in) high and 64 mm (2.5 in) in diameter Sky = 95 mm (3-3/4 in) in diameter at its widest point and 200 mm (8 in)…

SKY: wind sensor initial self balancing [Owners] (16)

Your SKY leaves the factory with a wind sensor calibration in place. To ensure in-situ accuracy, the sonic wind sensors in SKY are designed to self-calibrate over time once installed in the field. The initial in-field pr…

! Battery insertion! [Owners] (2)

When setting up AIR and SKY, take care to insert the batteries in the correct orientation. And, we strongly recommend using Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries – they perform much better in temperature fluctuations (hin…

Wind card explained [Owners] (3)

On the Smart Weather Apps, the blue dashboard view is purposefully designed to give the user a quick snapshot of key conditions. The Wind “card” contains an instant 3 sec observation, a 60 second average for direction an…

How is Heat Index / Wind Chill calculated? [Owners] (16)

There are pure measurement from the data sent directly from the various sensors — things like temp, humidity, wind speed, station pressure, etc. Then there are “derived” values which are calucluated from the pure meas…

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